GW24: Captain Contenders

With Robin Van Persie back on the scene can he challenge Suarez's dominance of your fantasy armband?

Luis Suarez has obviously dominated the elite end of Fantasy Premier League so far this season with only Sergio Aguero and Wayne Rooney offering anything like a consistent challenge to the Uruguayan for your team's armband. Could Robin Van Persie be the player to make a difference?

Van Persie's season so far has been blighted by injury, the home game against Cardiff was only his 11th game over 60 minutes this season. Despite this he's scored 10 goals and has 2 assists for 74 points to give him a P90 (points per 90 minutes) for the season of 6.8. This is lower than his P90 last year of 7.5 and considerably lower than Suarez's astronomical 10.7. Van Persie's consistency has been great this season too, scoring points in 8 out of those 11 games he's started

As this article is about the GW24 fixtures we have to say we do have a feeling Van Persie could well be set to go on a run of form and starting with the game at Stoke this weekend. He could be the best captain pick this weekend. There's been an uplift in the mood at Old Trafford with the signing of Juan Mata and coinciding with the return from injury of both Rooney and Van Persie himself. But there's a problem, he's still priced at £13.6m in FPL and £0.2m more than Suarez would cost you today.

There's another problem too - even if you wanted to captain him he's probably not in your team right now so you'd have to transfer him in. Van Persie was the key subject of our latest "Emerging Prospects" post for GW24 where we concluded that he's unlikely to outscore Suarez & co. for the remainder of the season with ongoing concerns over his fitness, possible rotation and, more importantly, Manchester United's relatively poor form this season. Despite the fanfare surrounding Mata they only beat Cardiff 2-0 remember. Van Persie will score goals, that's what he does, he's still one of the best in the world, but if we wouldn't recommend him as a transfer we can hardly recommend him as a captain choice.

That honour falls, once again, to Luis Suarez. There would have been occasions in the last few seasons when we might have doubted Liverpool travelling to the Hawthorns but not any more. Through the course of the season West Brom's defence has probably been a bit better than they've been given credit for although Pepe Mel's introduction of a high pressing game looks like it could take while for his players to adjust if the Aston Villa game was anything to go by.

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