GW11 Smart Money Captains

We hate to state the obvious too much so we'll keep this short and sweet and focused on the key captain picks. Luis Suarez is the undoubted number one this week. Aguero and Sturridge are the two other big possibilities.

Liverpool or City?
If you saw our newsletter this week then you'll have seen our comparison of team form and how City were head and shoulders over the rest of the clubs over the last four weeks and that Liverpool were the best of the rest.
From the data we can also tell you that Sunderland's defensive form has improved enough under Poyet that they should no longer be regarded as the pushovers at home they were in the days of Di Canio's disharmony.
We can't be so kind about Fulham though, whose away defence is no better than it has been for a few seasons now - pretty shoddy.
It's a tight call admittedly, but with a small but significant improvement for Sunderland under Poyet and City's midweek game adding a little extra mileage to the legs the Smart Money is going to Anfield this week.
Our data and the bookies agree too, with Suarez and Sturridge topping our point projections for GW11 and one and two in the bookies 'anytime goal' odds.
Suarez or Sturridge?
We've already declared our colours for Suarez but Sturridge should not be dismissed. On a given day he's capable of outscoring his team mate. In their five appearances together this season Sturridge has outscored Suarez on two occasions and scored less on two occasions, with one game where they both scored 2pt (vs Arsenal). Long-term points and those super explosive scores will remain the property of Suarez but in an isolation game Sturridge should not be overlooked as a non-option.
Anyone Else?
There could be. Player ownership and popularity is always a factor in captain choices but as often as not the highest scoring player in a gameweek can found elsewhere.
In a post yesterday we took a look at some likely goalscorers outside of the obvious fantasy picks with some great value on offer from the bookies too if you are looking for some betting tips this weekend.

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