GW10 Smart Money Captains

City duo Aguero and Silva are uppermost in our rankings as we look at the captain options for GW10.

The Smart Money has to be all about Sergio Aguero this week. He tops captains polls on Scout and Cheat by something like 2:1 over Suarez. He's head and shoulders above the pack in our point projections. He's the bookmaker's favourite - ranked 1st in Total FPL's excellent ESBO projected points based on the bookie's odds.

The dilemma with Aguero is if he'll play, and for how long. The good news is he was completely rested midweek (not in the squad) for the Capital Cup game so it looks very likely he'll start against Norwich. He played 81 minutes for City against West Ham prior to travelling to Moscow (and scoring twice) and with a home game in the CL midweek we expect him to play most of the Norwich game too.

Who's next? Luis Suarez's hat-trick last week has overridden any doubts over Liverpool's visit to Arsenal. The Gunners have not conceded more than one goal in the Premier League since GW1, but have not kept many clean sheets either. The last time they've faced real top quality strikers in Benteke and Lewandowksi they've conceded three and two.

The odds are not with Suarez though, neither is the data. He's 7th fave to score anytime with the bookies, and 7th in our GW10 point forecast. The latter admittedly does give him a good chance of a goal or assist though, forecast 6 points (to Aguero's 10).

If not Aguero or Suarez then who? Staying with City, if Aguero is to do well as we're expecting then someone will have to pull the strings which promotes first David Silva and then Yaya Toure into our thoughts as pretty secure but not so explosive captain picks this week. To strap a bit more dynamite around your captain pick look to Rooney or Van Persie as United travel to Fulham.

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