Yaya Toure ate my Bonus Points

The new Bonus Point System (BPS) continues to prove a good source of discussion amongst Fantasy Managers.

We've analysed the numbers to determine each player's typical base BPS score, that is the BPS score his game accrues from non-scoring events, rather than from the traditional fantasy scoring events like goals, clean sheets, etc.
Example Ross Barkley was awarded 2 bonus points in Everton's 3-2 win over Newcastle. His BPS score was 9. He was awarded 6 BPS for scoring a goal and 2 for playing over 60 minutes. His base BPS therefore was 9-6-2 = 1. Barkley earned 1 BPS from his non-FPL scoring contribution on the pitch, from key passes, crosses, tackles, clearances, blocks, interceptions (CBI), etc.
Over all the players and games so far 7327 BPS points have been awarded. Of these, 70% have been determined from traditional FPL scoring events; minutes played, goals, assists, clean sheets, including negative points from yellow cards, own goals, etc. This shows what we already had assumed. The considerable bulk of bonus points go to further reward scoring normal points.
The remaining 30% of BPS points from the non-scoring events can give us some further insights though. Here's a look at the top 10 players by the average baseBPS so far this season:

This again confirms what we already know about defenders and midfielders dominating the BPS and strikers not really getting a look in. If we do the analysis by position it looks like this:

This further proves the point but we can see from the first table that all players are not created equal and some have a much more healthy share of the BPS pie than others.
This goes a long way to explain why Yaya Toure, with the second biggest slice of baseBPS, has been such a fantasy force so far this season. He only has to sneeze it seems and he gets bonus points. An assist or goal will put him bang in contention for bonus points and as you can see from his 'Form Card' below he's fairly well involved in City's attack for a so called defensive midfielder.
Toure won't necessarily match David Silva for pure goals and assists but his bossing of the bonus points should keep him in the running for overall points (Silva's baseBPS: 1.6). This was perfectly demonstrated in City's game with Everton. Both Silva and Toure got an assist but Toure walked away with an extra 2 bonus points for dessert.

The presence of Sakho, Terry, Distin, and Vertonghen in the top 10 also hints at their potential to devour any bonus points on offer for clean sheets for their teams. Looking at some of the players outside the top 10 we can also see the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Steven Gerrard and Christain Eriksen lurking with a strong baseBPS to compliment the attacking intent with which to scoop up extra bonus points.
Later in the week we'll go through each team in turn and list the top baseBPS players with a focus on those who, like Yaya Toure, are able to score normal points too so are in prime position to pick up the bonus points, and almost as importantly, deny anyone else their share. UPDATE

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