Top Base BPS Score - Team by Team

Yesterday we took at look at the baseBPS scores for fantasy players. This is the average score that FPL players are getting before traditional fantasy scoring events like goals and clean sheets are added to their BPS scores. It's why Yaya Toure is getting so many bonus points. Please see yesterday's post for more explanation. In this post we'll go through all 20 clubs and list the players with the highest baseBPS in attacking and defensive positions.

Yesterday we also pointed out that 70% of the BPS score still comes from the actual scoring events, like goals/assist/clean sheets (mostly goals/CS), so these are still very much needed to pick up bonus points. With this in mind we've highlighted any midfielder who carries some modicum of attacking threat.

A lot of numbers to take in so allow us to make a few remarks and observations. The key thing to bear in mind is that the awarding of bonus points via BPS is relative to that of teammates and the opposition.

  • Where defenders on the same team get a clean sheet those with a similar high baseBPS (e.g. Vidic/Rio) may well share equal bonus points.
  • Where one defender on a team has a much higher baseBPS (e.g. Terry or Hangeland) they'll tend to dominate clean sheet bonus points and deny teammates.
  • Some team's defenders just don't have good base BPS scores - West Ham, Hull, Norwich, Sunderland. Don't bet on these guys for many clean sheet bonus points.
  • Some of the more elite-priced midfielders catch the eye - Ozil, Mata,Toure, Silva, Nasri, Eriksen, Paulinho, Gerrard, Michu. Mostly central players involved in the overall play.
  • Ramsey and Barkley also do well, particularly the Arsenal man.

Remembering that 70% of the BPS comes from actual goals/assists or clean sheets these should always remain your priority when selecting a player for your team. Ensuring your player also has a respectable baseBPS will be important to make sure that when he does score or get a clean sheet he picks those extra bonus points too.

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