Kevin Mirallas vs. Hatem Ben Arfa

Above you'll see our 'Form Cards' for Everton midfielder Kevin Mirallas and Newcastle'sHatem Ben Arfa. We are going to be featuring these cards more and more on the site and thought a look at these two players would be a good starting point.

Mirallas was hotly tipped around fantasy websites pre-season but even so largely overlooked in GW1 with about 5% ownership which has now dropped to around 3%. Ben Arfa, whose shooting and underlying stats are similar to Mirallas's, is in 1 in 3 teams going into tonight's Goodison clash. What a difference a couple of goals make.

These form cards can tell us a couple of things about both players. Firstly, both are generally more involved with shooting than creating chances.

Secondly, Mirallas has been more consistent from game to game, achieving almost 2 aPts per game (estimated attacking points), whereas Ben Arfa has been more hit and miss, his average aPts propped by two big games, the two games he scored his big FPL points in.

The third insight from these is that Mirallas' involvement with Everton's attack has been steadily on the rise. This can be seen in the game on game increase in his %Team value (this is his aPts for each game as a percentage of this team's).

Which one will do best in tonight's game though? Well, who knows, but a look at Ben Arfa's form and performances would suggest that he can go missing in a difficult game, and Everton should be regarded as such a game. Mirallas has been consistent through games against varied opposition and seems to be playing an increasingly greater role in in Everton's attack.

Our money would be on Mirallas tonight if we hadn't already spent it all on Lukaku ;)

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