GW6 Top Points and Performance

Gameweek 6 is not yet over but will have already sparked Fantasy Premier League managers into using their free transfer for GW7. In this post we will take a look at the top FPL points scorers from GW6 as well as the player's topping our statistical Player Ratings for the week.

Sturridge and Suarez
The new SAS scored 27 points between them. Sturridge 14 points from 1 goal and 2 assists for Suarez's 2 goals and 13points. Sturridge may have scored a point more on the day but Suarez had the lion's share of Liverpool's attacking play. Indeed Sturridge's goal came from his only shot of the day, and his two assists came from just 2 key passes. In contrast, Suarez tops our attack point ratings for GW6 and had the most shots of any player this weekend (7 shots, 2 on target, 3 shots in Zone A/B).
Aaron Ramsey
How long can Ramsey keep scoring like this? His 4th goal in 3 games and he's now the 2nd most owned player in the game after teammate Giroud. The rapidly retreating doubters of Ramsey will point to his role in a traditionally unprofitable centre midfield position as a reason not to invest but as we pointed out 3 weeks ago his attacking threat is genuine. Indeed, our Player Ratings have him as Arsenal's key attacking player in the Swansea game with 2 shots (Giroud had 1) and 3 key passes (Ozil made 2).
Leandro Bacuna
Not a player to get excited about really on the evidence of his season so far. Had 3 shots in GW6 to bring his season total to 7 and all from out the box and his first to hit the target.
Morgan Amalfitano
Unlike Bacuna above, Amalfitano's stats back up his performance, both for this game and his goal in GW5.
If West Brom can keep up the level of performance they did against Man United the Frenchman could definitely become an option at £5m once the Baggies fixtures pick up a little from GW10, especially as the fixtures for bargain alternatives like Barkley and Whittingham take a turn for the worse.
John Terry
The big attraction for Terry is that he's a step cheaper than the rest of the Chelsea defence, on the assumption his recent history of injury makes him prone to rotation. But this does not seem likely with the Mourinho connection. He's gone up in price since his goal against Spurs so is now £6.1m but with a vast number of FPL managers owning Ivanovic (31%) and Chelsea's defensive prospects he's a smart player to own.
As he's shown already and through the end of last season he's as much as a goal threat as Ivanovic. He actually tops out Player Ratings for GW6 with 3 shots from dangerous areas. We also put him in our "Dream Defence" last week.

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