GW6 One Night Stand

It's that time of the week again when we finish the last of our pint and cast our eye around to see if there's anything we fancy for the weekend.

Aston Villa are amongst a few teams in the league who are genuinely capable of getting thrashed, and Man City are one of the teams capable of dishing out said thrashing.
Our attention is drawn to Alvaro Negredo, a player we'd probably have in our team if an extended run starting games looked likely for the Spaniard. Instead, we have to just gaze longingly at the prospect of him being let loose at Villa Park. If we could have one free player this week it'd be him.

Negredo has been eased into action for City so far, coming on as a earlier and earlier sub for the first three games, and scoring in two of them. He's started the last two for City and looks set for a start again after sitting out the midweek cup game.
You can see his stats below in a new feature we are bring to the site called "Player Cards". The cards show you Negredo's performances using the same metrics used for our Player Ratings, namely xGoals, xAssists and aPts, which are expected goals, assists and attacking points based on a players shots and chances created. For the top level stats we only count up values where the player played 60 minutes or more.
We've also introduced a new metric called %Team. This is the player'saPts as a percentage of his Team's aPts. It is a very useful stat as it normalises against easy or tough fixtures where the whole team might have played well, or badly. %Team also shows you a player'sdominance, and if you've read our newsletter today you'll know what we mean.
We'll bring you more discussion on these next week. Until then, enjoy the football.

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