GW4's One Night Stand

It's very possible if you are a fan of Fantasy Premier League you may also be a fan of spending Friday evening's in the company of friends down at your local tavern where it's also likely you'll have a drink or two. And in which case it's even more likely you'll go on to have another drink. Or three.

Strange and exciting things happen in the minds of fantasy football fans in the late hours of a Friday evening and two transfers in particular will prove hard to resist. 10% of managers have jumped on board with Ozil this week, 250,000 people, and that's before even a drop of lager has been spilled. 50,000 managers have transferred Fellaini in this week too.

We have a strong feeling that these two will be grabbing even more headlines this weekend. Picture the scene at Old Trafford. Crystal Palace have parked the bus, it's 0-0, but United are throwing everything at them.The penalty box is crowded. Palace are conceding corner after corner. Free kicks all over the place. Cue Fellaini. There's no need for him to sit in a defensive position, he's free to maraud in the box and dominate.

Up north at the Stadium of Light we envisage a different picture. Arsenal in total control against Sunderland who just can't deal with the movement and touch of Ozil and Cazorla. There'll be goals and you can be sure Ozil will have a hand in them.

Longer term the prospects for these two might not be the best, considering their high price tags and other FPL options around. Sometimes though the script is just written, and this time tomorrow we reckon both Ozil and Fellaini will have have helped sooth a few thousand hangovers around the world.

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