GW1-3 Top Ranked Midfielders (xPts)

xPts is our statistical measure of a player's expected attacking point based on their total number of shots, factoring in likelihood of a goal/assist dependent on key factors such as shot position, pass type, whether it was a header or not, and situation (set piece, open play). In general, shots (not headers) from six yard box or centre of penalty box resulting from open play give a player the best chance of a goal.

We took a look at the top ranked forwards a couple days ago, now let's run through the midfielders who are topping our xPt fantasy rankings.

Theo Walcott is right up there with 8 shots and 9 key passes, and you will know from watching him that he likes to do his work inside close to goal, driving past defenders into the penalty box for either a shot or cut-back low across goal to a team mate, usually Giroud who currently tops the ranking for forwads.
Eden Hazard is Chelsea's leading man for goal-scoring chances. Whilst Lampard and Oscar have shot from distance a lot, Hazard has been getting much closer in on goal and he has been unlucky not to score. He to be the sharp end of Chelsea's attack and getting beyond the striker.
Ross Barkley definitely deserves a mention. Often in FPL a bargain-priced player like this will just score a goal from one shot on opening day and the bandwagon revs up. Remember Patrice Muamba's goal for Bolton on day one of 2010/11? Barkley is genuine though. He's a bit keen on long-range efforts and has been let down by team-mates who have failed to convert the chances he's created. Lukaku should fix that :)
Michu and Walters have both been unlucky not to score and you've got to feel Michu will notch sooner rather than later. He has benefited from playing as Swansea's main striker whilst Bony builds up his fitness.
A lot of FPL managers will be feeling let down by Coutinho this season. At £9m he doesn't come cheap now and has to deliver. The stats are on his side but it has to be mentioned most of his shots/key passes came in the Stoke game. He's been a bit anonymous since but that has a lot to do with how Rodgers set his team up in two tough games. Swansea should gift him sufficient opportunity to get back on his game.

You can check out the complete rankings for every player and position here

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