GW 7 Captains - Smart Money and Astute Picks

Before we take a look at the main options for your Fantasy Premier League GW7 Captain just a quick note that in our newsletter this week (due out Friday noon) we've taken a look at captain options in key fixtures over the next eight gameweeks.
There's a crop of really good forwards available now in FPL so we've forecast who the popular captain picks will be from GW7-14, where the best punts are and which fixtures to avoid. The idea is to give a heads-up now so that you can plan ahead and hopefully get an edge. The newsletter is free and you can sign up from the sidebar of the blog or from our homepage.

Now back to GW7...

The Smart Money
The smart money is at Anfield this weekend but the cash is split finely between Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. We took a look at some very early data in this post and the indications seems to be that it's Suarez who will dominate. Crystal Palace is a good fixture of course and there could be plenty of points to share.
There is another thing to consider though. Both Liverpool's games this season so far with Suarez and Sturridge on the pitch were away games where the onus is on the home team to attack. Liverpool have struggled to break down teams at Anfield especially when their opponents have come hoping for just a point.
Palace won't play an open game and they've shown some stubborn defensive play at Old Trafford, only conceding after being reduce to 10 men. A similar resolute display could force Suarez deeper to try and create something with Sturridge the beneficiary, or just mean it's not the goalfest people are expecting.

The Astute Pick
With our astute pick we like to take a look at our team and fixture rankings and point projections and identify a player who perhaps doesn't have the obvious match-up but has all the stats on his side. It doesn't feel quite right calling Van Persie an astute pick, but he could be just that. We've already mentioned the possibility of Palace making things hard for Liverpool but that's not something that we reckon Sunderland can do against United.
Sunderland have conceded 7 goals at home this season, one more than Palace have conceded away. United have scored 5 away from Old Trafford, and that's 3 more than Liverpool have scored at home. There is of course a potential honeymoon period for the new manager but that didn't help them against Liverpool last week. The biggest downer is United's own poor form but even if they are not world-beaters anymore they are still no mugs.

The Flair Pick
Tottenham have a good opportunity to get amongst the goals against West Ham but an even better opportunity of a clean sheet. Say hello then to Jan Vertonghen, a bonus point magnet who is virtually guaranteed 8 or 9 points if Spurs can keep the Hammers out (who have scored no goals away yet this season). And what chance he gets his first goal of the season?

Our Captain Pick
Well, we can tell you he'll be wearing red. ;) As usual our captain pick and the InsideFPL team will be featured in the newsletter.

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