Gameweek 9 - Best Projected Team

Last week we did our first 'Team of the Week' using our Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Point Projections. It would have scored 68 points, a respectable 15 above average. It was let down by an injury Ben Davies (Chico would have been our next choice - damn) and a Lukaku captain fail. Oh, what could have been (the eternal sigh of a FPL manager!).

In our free newsletter this week we've put together our much anticipated Optimum 10GW Team based on ourlatest projections. We'll be running this projected team for real in FPL on the blog each week but the first team and methodology will be exclusive to the newsletter.

Here's our projected top team for Gameweek 9 with only 1 player per club defence or attack:

It's a fairly obvious team, the controversy being a Lambert captaincy instead of Ozil.

With this team being dominated by just a few teams and lots of obvious picks we've done a second B-Team and in order to broaden the picks as much as possible we've only selected players from club's attacks or defences that don't feature in the A-Team.

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