#FPL Player Ratings GW1-4

Hopefully the image above will help explain what our xPt Player Ratingsare all about. They are a statistical measure of a players expected points in Fantasy Premier League and serve to provide you with objective numbers on a player's underlying performance, how many shots they are taking, what type, and from where.

Shot Zones
Shot Zones are the most important single consideration and in our updated Player Ratings you can now see the number of shots players are having in the different zones. Zone A is the best of course (approx 1 in 2 shots result in goals). Zone B is next best but it depends on whether the attempt is a shot or a header (1 in 4 conversion for shots, 1 in 10 for headers).
We also factor in whether the attempt came from a open play or a set piece. Open play results in more goals per shot in general, particularly in Zone B, C and D. The advantage of set pieces is that they typically produce more shots in Zone A, although at an equal conversion rate with open play.
We take all that data for each game and calculate a value for each player's for expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA) and from this and the FPL scoring rules can determine expected points (xPts).
For this week's update we've added expected clean sheet points, appearance points and bonus points and we've seperated attacking points (aPts) from the total expected points (xPts) so you can see which players are most involved in a team's attack.
Now What?
We will have some analysis in our free newsletter this week and insight into which players are performing well without necessarily racking up the points yet. You can sign up here or directly from the sidebar.

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