Fixture Analyser Updated - Ranking and Trends


The immediate fixture or fixture range is given a ranking from 1st (best) to 20th (worst). The ranking is dependent on which options you select. If you select "ATT" and "3GW" the ranking will be for each clubs attacking fixtures over the next 3GW.
Remember always that this Ranking and the Fixture Analyser in general does not include the team's own attacking/defensive strengths and is determined only on the strength of the opponent.
Also, we advise not looking too precisely at the Rankings. A team ranked 5th are probably not too far away from a team ranked 3rd or 8th. It's best to just aim for the best and avoid the very worst.
The Trend bar charts show the outlook each team and again are based on the options and gameweek range selected. The chart values are the ranking in subsequent gameweeks.
Let's use Arsenal as an example. Below is their 3GW Attacking Trend from this week onwards...

Arsenal's immediate outlook over the next 3 is very good, ranked 5th. The 3GW outlook remains good for the next 4 weeks, that is their 3GW ranking in GW8 is just as good. However, entering GW9 (CRY(A)) the outlook drops off, not because they have to play Crystal Palace but because they are then set to face Liverpool and United in the next 3. Basically, you can see Arsenal's excellent early season fixtures start to rapidly stiffen up.
It may be a little confusing to start with but remember that what you are looking at is always based on the GW range you selected.

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