Fixture Analyser Updated

Today we have updated our Fixture Analyser so it now displays from GW4 through to GW13. We've also made some small tweaks to the numbers driving it behind the scenes. Most notably we've decreased Tottenham's attack rating so they are no longer ranked amongst the top group of teams but have bumped up their defence rating too.

You can check the Fixture Analyser out in it's usual place on the sidebar or follow this link,
Best Attacking Fixtures
Not a great deal has changed with the updates. Of the top clubs Liverpool and Arsenal are still the two to enter into a very strong run of attacking fixtures right from GW4 up to around GW10. Players like Giroud, Walcott and Sturridge should have a place in your team by now and Ozil or Coutinho on your watchlist.
Amongst the lower ranked clubs, Swansea and Hull's immediate fixtures look the brightest. There's some cut-price potential in Hull's Robbie Brady (mostly from set pieces) and Swansea's players like Michu, Bony and Hernandez will be worth some investment in the next few weeks.
Best Defenisve Fixtures
Manchester United embark on a run now where they should not concede too often,Vidic at £6.0m is going to look very affordable. Tottehnam also have a strong run of fixtures for their backline. Kyle Walker looks the top player amongst them but if Dawson can keep his place he's a steal at £5.0m. Arsenal and Liverpool also offer promise but City look to be in for a real test of their defensive nous.

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