Desperately Seeking Sergio

Sergio Aguero is this week's hottest property amongst Fantasy Premier League forwards. If it wasn't for an immediate away game at Stamford Bridge you'd expect interest to be even higher. It is likely he'll see a £0.1m price rise to £11.2m before GW9.

City's subsequent fixtures look tempting. A home match with Norwich and then away at Sunderland. Even more enticing is that many of City's rivals in the league and Aguero's rivals in fantasy teams will face off against each other making City's fixtures amongst the stand out games in GW10 and GW11. GW13 home versus Swansea is similarly attractive.
If you subscribe to our newsletter then you'll recall the"popular captains" graphic and analysis we did prior to GW7, looking ahead through to GW14 at where the best captain options may lie. Aguero's goals and recent performances have catapulted him to the top of our thoughts as a strong and different captain option in 3 of the next 5 gameweeks.
The worry with Aguero of course, and why his ownership has remained low, is rotation, especially around Champion's League (CL) games. It's important to note that City travel to Moscow this week and Aguero was still handed a start for the West Ham game. City's next two CL games are at home which should offer some comfort.

Despite rotation threat which always hangs over some club's top players they still seem to pull in the points. Look at Mata and Hazard last season under rotation master Benitez, as well as Aguero himself in 2011/12. All three made 31 appearances, missing 7 games, yet each still came close to or exceeded 200 points in FPL. Indeed, you can see from the Form Card below Aguero has already missed a lot of minutes but it's not impacted his points.

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