Are Ben Arfa and Ramsey the answer to your Fantasy midfield problems

With expensive Fantasy Premier League like Walcott, Silva, Mata and Hazard failing to fire your star-studded midfield is probably causing you a few headaches. We know it is for us. We've scored from 3 assists and no bonus points from having Silva, Walcott and Hazard in our team at some point during the first 4 gameweeks and are almost feeling grateful for the extra clean sheets points!

Hatem Ben Arfa
After his goal last week 68,000 FPL managers transferred Ben Arfa into their teams and were well rewarded with 13 points this weekend. He's set to rise in price again tonight (Sunday) and could see a £0.2m rise by GW5's home game with Hull.
Is he worth it?
Last season he played around half the available minutes and averaged 4.4 points per game. Not bad, and in terms of value 4.4 PPG translates to a price tag of around £6.5m, so he's pretty good value for money too.
The downside is the forthcoming fixtures. Playing Hull isn't as easy it's sounds, as we've seen already, and after this it's four tough away games in six (eve, car, sun, tot) and two equally challenging home games (LIV, CHE). It's also arguable that Newcastle's last two fixtures, home to Fulham and away at Villa, are two of the very easiest fixtures to score in.
Our opinion is that Ben Arfa has had his 15 minutes of fame for now. A transfer in this week would be a case of chasing points.
Aaron Ramsey
Ramsey's two goals in GW4 were actually his 4th and 5th goals of the season. He's scored 3 in Europe to make it 5 in 6 appearances overall. He's never really been a goalscorer previously in his career but on the evidence so far this season he's been encouraged by Wenger to get forward and make runs beyond the defence, and he looks good at it.
With Arsenal's possession football the defending team often have time to get men back behind the ball and make it difficult for the Gunners. A well-timed run from a deeper midfielder creates an extra option in the box and this looks like exactly what Ramsey has been asked to do. He had 3 shots in total versus Sunderland, 2 of these in the danger zones A and B.
Priced at £5.7m he's certainly cheap enough to buy without unsettling the rest of your line-up and Arsenal continue on a run of encouraging fixtures. Ramsey gets a thumbs up from us.

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