Win Cash with Your Fantasy Skills at FantasyBet

Find how you can use your fantasy football skills and knowledge to earn real cash each week with

We've teamed up with to offer insideFPL readers FREE ENTRY into their excitng new weekly fantasy football game with a guaranteed prize pot of £50. Read on and learn how you can use your FPL skills to earn some hard cash this weekend! 

Love and Marriage

Whilst winning your FPL minileague or getting a Top 1000 finish is an amazing feat, at the end of the day bragging rights is all you get. Wouldn't it be nice if you could earn some cash from all your fantasy football experience and knowledge of the game? Fantasy Premier League is an awesome game - we started this blog because we love it - but it can be a bit like a marriage at times. You are in it for the long run, you have to be committed, and you have to take the rough with the smooth. can be your bit on the side. It is a weekly fantasy football game where you can pick a brand new team each week and take home real cash-dollar-bling when you win. 

The Door Is Open

One of the biggest attractions of FantasyBet compared to other weekly fantasy games you may have come across is the point scoring and player pricing system is almost identical to our beloved FPL so you can jump in straight away with a team without having to figure out a bunch of new rules. The short-term nature and familiar scoring system leave the door wide open for skilled fantasy managers to gain an advantage. Also, importantly, the game is still fairly new so there aren't thousands of “lucky people” to compete against like in FPL.

FantasyBet offers you the chance to play a new game every gameweek or even for single matches. It is also possible to enter an unlimited number of leagues. No more falling behind before Christmas

Getting Started

Just like in a traditional FPL-game, you can join an existing league, or create your own. The game lobby is where you can find all the available games. When you join a game, you will set your team up according to the rules set for that league, or you can create your own league with your own set of rules - it's as simple as that!

Buy In & Payment Structure

Each league can be customised. The buy-in stakes can be set small or large and the total buy-in prize pool minus a 10% rake will be distributed as you see fit. Winner Takes All awards only the top finisher, Double or Nothing divides the pool up between the top half of the league, and with Progressive Payout a set percentage of the field will get a pay-out.

Game Modes

One way to mix up a game at is to take full use of the Player List option. A standard FPL- league will have all Premier League players available. When playing a single gameweek with FantasyBet you can however choose to limit the number of players available to each manager.

  • Full List - all Premier League players available to each manager
  • Shared List  - will give every manager an identical set of 60 randomly selected players. This calls for tough decisions and a close contest.
  • Lucky List - gives a random set of 60 players to each manager.
  • Unique List - gives you a chance to keep some gems for yourself, as each player will have a unique set of 60 players.
  • Flash Mode is a lot of fun and has proved our favourite so far at insideFPL. You have a limited amount of time to select your team. With only 3 minutes at your disposal, you will be sweating like Harry Redknapp on deadline day! But so will your opponent managers. It's all about being prepared and keeping cool. 

Enter Now For Free!

This might be the best time ever to have a go at FantasyBet. They’ve offered insideFPL readers free entry into a weekly league for Gameweek 9 with a guaranteed £50 prize pot. Remember that FantasyBet offers you an antidote to the long haul of FPL and a chance to pick a fresh team each week. You set up a league that suits the playing style of you and your friends, and use a rules system very similar to FPL but with some exciting twists to the traditional game. What have you got to lose? 


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