Suarez, Aguero & Giroud - The Best FPL Forwards

We are going to dispense with our usual review of the prior gameweek. You know what happened already, right? GW9 Player Ratings are here.

Looking forward instead we want to know if a trio of Suarez, Aguero and Giroud (SAG) is the very best forward line for your fantasy premier league team and if you should break the bank to afford it.
You could own all three for close to £30M if you bought very early. Buying today would set you back £32.4m. Typically, a FPL front three will set you back £27-29M so to afford SAG most people will need to find an extra £3-4M.
The most obvious place for this is to downgrade one of the many under performing elite midfielders - Michu, Hazard for example, even Oscar or Ozil could be deemed expendable.
This is certainly on people's minds. Ozil is seeing a net transfer loss this week, as are Michu and Yaya. This is doubly attractive with a lot of cheap midfielders to take a punt on.
Are they worth it? On face value - Yes. We've spent some time analysing the latest numbers and these three players are the 3 with the highest projected points tally if we ignore fixtures and look solely at a season total and absolute potential.
Anyone else is simply second best.

A real close up inspection of the numbers reveals a couple of small things and whilst we don't want to deter you from a SAG combo there are a few curveballs we have to throw in.
Firstly, the fixtures are not in Giroud's favour when compared to one the next best striker's available - Romelu Lukaku. It's marginal, but Everton do have some good fixtures coming up so in the short term at least (4-8GW) Lukaku and Giroud are tied in our estimations. Aguero and Suarez are safe though - consider them fixture proof.
Secondly is the player's price and value, especially if we consider the original buy price of players like Daniel Sturridge who you may well already have in your team for something closer to £9m than £10m. If that is the case he again pushes Giroud (now at £9.6M) for overall worth to your team. A similar case should be considered on your buy price for Lukaku, which could be as low as £7.4M.
Again, Aguero and Suarez are safe from a value perspective, even at their current prices (£11.3M & £11.6M). They have the extreme upside that is worth the premium.

Aguero's Rotation
The other factor to consider is consistency with game time and this is the problem with Aguero. Like we've already said, there's no doubting his potential on the pitch, but he's the only top forward with a significant level of rotation risk over him. We did mention last week that rotation threat over elite players in the past limiting them to 30 odd starts has not seemed to dent the final points total too much.
The bigger risk comes with captaincy. At Aguero's price you are limiting other elite options in your team that you may want to captain which means you could well end up with some 1 point captain disasters when he comes on as a sub for City. Aguero playing Norwich at home this Saturday a few days before a European game for City. Liverpool play Arsenal. Who do you captain? (Rooney!)
Fantasy football is all about risk though and this is a decision you'll have to take yourself. If you ask us for our opinion we'd say Aguero is worth this risk because, as mentioned already, he's fixture proof and will score big points over the season, so you could just leave the armband on him and soak up 1 pt disasters with the 15 point triumphs. Or just leave the armband with Suarez if in any doubt.
In Conclusion
Aguero and Suarez are clear top dogs with Sturridge, Lukaku and Giroud all fighting for a place in your team depending on how much you have already paid for them. Aguero comes with the rotation and armband risk which Suarez doesn't making the Uruguayan the current best FPL forward in our estimations.

Later this week we will take a look at midfielders under £7m which you may well need in your team to afford a front two of Suarez and Aguero alongside one of Sturridge, Giroud or Lukaku.

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