Gameweek 12 - Best Projected Team

Using our Point Projections to pick a best team for GW12.

Here is our now weekly look at the best team we can put together using our Point Projections for Fantasy Premier League.

As mentioned last week in this post we have added 'risk flags' to the projections for any player who is either a data risk (started 3 or less games in the last 8 and thus has insufficient data) or is a conversion risk (scored 30% less points over the last 8 games than his projection would suggest). The key players to miss out this week due to being a 'risk' are Giroud (for Suarez) and Chris Brunt (for Sessegnon).

As usual we've imposed the '1 attacker/defender per club' rule. This has not been too restrictive in terms of point scoring so far. The gameweek 11 best projected team scored another 70 points keeping the team's average at 76 per GW.

The player that is missing from this team this week that we and a lot of people fancy for GW12 is Loic Remy. You'll hear more about him this week if you subscribe to our free newsletter - you can sign up here.

We'll talk more too about Aguero as the statistical captain of choice later in the week in our Friday Captain's post. First subs for the GW12 team are Bony, Arnautovic and Mertersacker.

You can check out the full Projections here.

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