6GW Fixture Outlook - Attack

A few days ago we looked through our updated Fixture Analyser at defensive outlooks for your fantasy teams over the next six or so gameweeks. Today we look at club's attacking prospects and would you believe it but West Brom feature again.

Fixture Proof - Arsenal, Liverpool & Man City
Despite not ranking so highly themselves on the 6GW Fixture Analyser, the three top scoring clubs in the Premier League don't have it so bad that we are not expecting them to carry on their scoring ways. Of the three, we expect Man City to score the most goals over the next 6GW.
We rank Laudrup's side 7th overall in the attacking stakes and in amongst a clutch of clubs you could consider in the second tier, including Man Utd and Everton. Coupled with fixtures ranked 2nd over the next six then Swansea will be afforded every opportunity to push up the goalscoring charts. Michu is their key man still but promising differentials exist in midfield in Pablo Hernandez (when fit) and possibly De Guzman.
The Blue's team enter an increasingly attractive set of fixtures for their attack, just next week they will have the best 6GW in our ranking and will hold that for 2-3 weeks longer. Games include Newcastle, Sunderland, Stoke and Crystal Palace. This real short spell of opportunity for someone like Torres orSchurrle to put out a burst of big points.
West Brom
A mixed bag for the Baggies but the good are very good. Home games with Crystal Palace, Norwich and Villa plus a trip to Newcastle amongst ties with Chelsea and City make WBAan attractive prospect especially if you can afford to rotate. Amalfitano's injury is a real shame but could afford James Morrison a return to the side with his set pieces and penalty duties already proving valuable Alternatively, there's Sessegnon, a more reliable long term option but despite decent stats has yet to come up with the fantasy goods.
Whilst not anywhere near high scoring team themselves the fixtures still offer hope for a brave fantasy manager. With goals unpredictable at best for low scoring sides set pieces and penalties often prove more reliable so look to the already popular Robbie Brady.

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