GW2 State of the Game

How is Fantasy Premier League shaping up after GW1? And what happens next...?

Don’t Despair

If you didn’t have a good GW1 then you probably didn’t have any of Sigurdsson, Sterling, Ramsey and Fabregas, which means you are likely you have a midfield including Mata, Hazard and/or Eriksen.  Don’t despair. Last year’s winner Tom Fenley had a GW1 midfield of Hazard, Walcott, Mirallas and Silva and by GW5 had taken four 4 point hits and had a complete new midfield. By GW10 he had 3 new midfielders. There’s plenty of time.


Midfield, however, is where the early action is. An elite trio of Ramsey, Sterling and Fabregas alongside fantasy legend Gylfi Sigurdsson looks like the early template to own – if you own none of these players perhaps you need to fix that straight away. If not, and instead you own the likes of Hazard and Erikson, don’t despair. With ‘gimme’ home fixtures in store for both Chelsea and Spurs in GW2 they both have a very good chance to redress the balance.

The debate and performance between Hazard and Fabregas this season is sure to be key. We picked Hazard in our GW1 team and must admit to a little wobble on Tuesday once Fabregas’ bandwagon gathered steam. We’re pleased we held our nerve though and have a word of comfort for Hazard owners – just think of all those lovely throughballs from Fab to Haz against Leicester this weekend ;) In all seriousness though, the point we’d most like to reiterate on from our Elite Midfielders post earlier this week is that there is no way to split the potential between these two right now. There are strong and valid arguments for either player.Pinpointing exactly which 2 or 3 big mids are the ones to own this season is going to be something of an obsession for us over the early season so keep in touch for that.


There should be a lot less variance between Forwards than in midfield. Most teams will have 2 from Rooney, Sturridge and Costa, or all 3 in some cases. Narrowing down the choice amongst these three is going to be equally if not more important than picking your preferred mids. This is because of captain points. There’ll be many fancying Fabregas with the armband this weekend but our policy at InsideFPL will always be to look first to your Forward’s for you armband. This thrusts Costa centrally into the frame for GW3 ahead of Chelsea’s home game with Leicester, whilst Sturridge (at City) and Rooney (at Sunderland) face trickier ties.

Looking further forward and to GW3 Sturridge again faces a unfavorable game away at Spurs, and Chelsea and Costa travel to Everton, leaving Rooney with the most attractive fixture away at Burnley. But there is a spanner in the works – of course, this is Fantasy Premier League after all! Robin Van Persie will be fit by GW3, if not for GW2, and Sergio Aguero is definely in the frame for a start against Liverpool. Both have the potential to rip shreds out of your minileague rivals, especially when captaincy comes into it. Van Persie will no doubt rob Rooney of his current goal threat dominance too. It's Aguero however, having already made a 7 minute scoring cameo and facing Stoke at home in GW3, who looks the player to make a move on. Signing Aguero at £12M will not be a simple task and we’d recommending have a quick look ahead at your team and pencil in what your transfer options are should you decide to sign the Argentine next week. If you're feelign really audacious transfer in Aguero this week and don't look back.

Defenders & Goalkeepers

You really shouldn’t be making transfers for defenders or goalkeepers in GW1. A lot of people will be shifting those players that got left our of their club's starting XIs. Honestly, there’s time to do this later. At the end of the season the difference between the best defenders and average defender is only 40-50 points so missing out for a few weeks is not going to mess up your team. Also, you have 5 defenders and will normally only play 3. Use them.

Longer-term, and in order of priority at the back, for us it’s a Chelsea defender (Terry/Azipilicueta), Arsenal defender (Debuchy) and then anyone else quite good (e.g. Ward, Chester) or a rotation pair (i.e. Newcastle/Sunderland). We’ve got Phil Jones in our team which looks like a bit of a mistake now despite a cheeky assist but have no problem waiting several weeks to see what happens. We're looking in particular at Spurs and who will start before we change things up. We would want to make one simple transfer and that be that. First and foremost, all our transfer energies will be to charged into getting the right combination of forwards and midfielders settled into our team. You can follow our team each gameweek as usual in our free weekly newsletter.

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