How to be a Fantasy Flash Mode Guru

With 3 minutes and £100m to pick your team, can YOU beat the other managers to the prizes? We've come up with an easy to follow strategy guide to help maximise your chances.

Here at InsideFPL we’ve teamed up with - a really exciting new fantasy football site where you can play a variety of games and finally turn that extensive fantasy knowledge into something more than bragging rights in the office.

One of the new game modes they’ve introduced is Flash Mode – a really unique game type with a really interesting idea. You have just 3 minutes to pick your team, after which it is locked in with no more changes allowed.

Having played this game mode for a few weeks we love the format. No more worrying for days about which players to bench and who to captain and a real test of your knowledge and skill is to pick a team under pressure. The constraining resource in these games is not so much the budget, but time to think and pick your team, this introduces a really interesting new element to the game.

With such a tight time limit it’s all too easy to run out of time, leaving you with only Peter Crouch up front and rotation players in Midfield. Running out of time without completing your team can be frustrating, but the game is so good it’s worth taking that risk. To try and help we’ve written a short guide to picking your team in a flash game based on what we’ve learnt so far.

Plan, Prepare, Succeed

Obviously having a good fantasy knowledge is important, who’s starting, who’s injured, who’s on set-pieces and so much more. But there’s a few specifics worth brushing up on before starting your flash pick:

  • Fixtures – the interface does handily display fixtures, but you don’t want to be worrying about them when picking your team. In particular, know which teams have a fixture with a good chance of clean sheets as this will allow you to pick defenders without too much thought.
  • Team News – brush up on injuries and team selection news, especially when there have been midweek games. Most Flash Mode Leagues only run for 1 round of games and some for only a day, so team selection plays a huge part. Knowing that Chelsea have injury problems in midfield means they might resort to Schurrle, someone who probably wouldn’t be a viable fantasy player usually but you can snap up in a flash game.

Differences to the traditional game

The points system is almost identical to the traditional FPL game. However there are some important strategic differences to master before you can master this game mode:

  • It’s best to leave picking your team till as late as possible, generally till Saturday morning if you can. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about players picking up injuries or surprises in team sheets. If you’ve done your prep then you avoid the headaches found in a traditional game when your players are injured.
  • Because of the above you can often neglect your bench. Barring any freak injury crisis in your team, you’re unlikely to need your 2nd or 3rd subs. While it’s never a bad idea to have good bench players, they’re typically not worth spending precious time or budget on.
  • Because you’re playing with a shared, unique or lucky list of players (see the site for full details of each) then your selection options are limited , especially on Elite players. This means you can often forget about the budget entirely and put in every big hitter you can. For example; if the only big hitting forward you have available is Van Persie then take him, you’ll struggle to spend the budget elsewhere.

Team Selection

Team selection is one of the hardest bits to master. We've summed it up into 5 steps to make sure you end up with a good team

Step 1 - Prioritise Elites

  • Right, down to actually picking your team. Look for the heavy hitters first, get your elite forward, then 2 or 3 elite midfielders and then 2 elite defenders/keepers. With a full list you’ll already have an idea of who you want, with a reduced list you don’t have the freedom of choice so get these in first. These 5-7 players could get you 80% of your points.

Step 2 - Reliability

  • Once you have your heavy hitters, fill out the rest of your XI quickly with good reliable players. This will ensure that if you lose track of time your first XI won’t be autocompleted. Pick proven and reliable fantasy players at this point without spending too much of your remaining budget. You will need enough left to fill out your squad with subs.

Step 3 - Captains

  • It’s very easy to forget to select a captain and your carefully crafted team will then be missing the icing on the cake. Once your elite players are in place and your first XI filled out, set you captain and vice-captain. The system will automatically set your most expensive player as captain, which is handy, but might not always be the best choice.

Step 4 - Tweak and refine

  • You’re hopefully only 2 minutes in to the 3 minute deadline, so you now have a minute to tweak your lineup. How you do this is entirely up to you. You could take a few risks on players you wouldn’t normally get in fantasy football because they would be long term selection risks. You might try and load up on one team with an easy fixture, or diversify your assets and spread across many teams. Either way, this is the time to make the team yours.

Step 5 - Picking Subs

  • As mentioned above, don’t spend too many of the precious seconds you have on players that are very unlikely to play. Aim for the budget end in all positions and hopefully for players who are guaranteed to start. In the event you need them, those 2 points could be the difference between winning cash or not.


So to recap: prepare in advance, pick your big hitting elite players, fill out your XI, select captains, tweak the team, pick your subs. It’s a tough and unforgiving game mode and takes time to get used to. Hopefully this short guide will help beginners get into the game. If you’ve got any other strategies then leave in the comments below, this is a new game mode for us too!

If you haven't tried the game yet, give it a go! We have 2 free leagues with real cash prizes running over at and a league where you can win one of 3 Premier League Shirts too!

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