GW31 Market Movers

Ahead of a bounty of fixtures where are people's transfers being spent?

If funds are tight for your Fantasy Premier League team we hope you’ve kept a close eye on our Price Changes page, transfer activity is super high right now, and justifiably so ahead of a booming double gameweek.

Leading the of course way are City and Liverpool players. We talked last week about the different team’s fixture prospects and saw both clubs were head and shoulders above the rest., and a closer look at the form of both showed Liverpool were in poll position of the two. A three goal at Old Trafford confirms this nicely. It’s perhaps surprising then that a City player leads all transfers in this week, but a goal and assist will do that for you. David Silva has spent this season in the shadow of YYT, and he’s not the only one (Yaya has quite a large shadow, you know). Whilst YYT has played all but one of City’s fixtures scoring 5 points or more in 61% of his games, Silva has played just 18 games and returned in only 44% of those. However, did you know that in games where both have played together Silva has scored 99 points to YYT’s 104. It’s pretty close between the two. Yaya is actually the 4th most transferred player this week and Silva’s higher popularity is no doubt due to a lot of people already owning the Ivorian. Silva is owned by just 5% of FPL managers and is a stellar differential for GW31.

Gerrard’s points from penalties this season is incredible. He almost scored a hat-trick of penalties at Old Trafford. He’s like the kicker in a rugby game or something. He’s scored 10 goals this season, 9 of which have been penalties. Traditionally, FPL players will look to penalties and free-kicks as a nice bonus for a FPL player, to boost an already decent goal/assist threat from regular play. Gerrard has re-written the rules this season. Liverpool have had over twice the penalties (9) of any other team (4) but historically this number is not uncommon from the top scoring teams. Chelsea had 11 last season, City 9 the year before, and United 11 in 2011/12. It would not be at all unreasonable to expect Liverpool and Gerrard to add a few more to their tally for the season.

Staying with Liverpool there’s not much we can add to what’s already been said about Daniel Sturridge. For the first time for a long while too Suarez too is back amongst the most transferred in players. He’s the 4th most popular transfer amongst forwards, behind Sturridge, Lukaku and Dzeko.

Adebayor leads the exodus of players out of people’s teams this week. This is not surprising and has been a trend for a few weeks. The wheels have come off this bandwagon. The other two high profile sales this week are a less straightforward as two hitherto key FPL players in Lallana and Hazard are cast aside, clearly in favour of one of the double gameweekers mentioned above. Selling Lallana is more understandable of the two, Southampton have perhaps enjoyed their best spell of games for a while. Selling Hazard though has to come as something of a risk, although a lot will depend on your buy and sell price. He’s in a different league from most midfielders this season and Chelsea have some good games on the horizon. Seller beware.

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