First Thoughts on Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Yesterday saw the launch of Fantasy Premier League for the 2014/15 season. Hurrah! There have been a couple of tweaks to the bonus system which we’ll take a look at over the coming days but first here is a high level overview of some of the key players and their prices. We’ll be following this up with a closer look at many more of the game’s players as well as the under the radar players.

Robin Van Persie £12.5M

RVP gets the biggest price tag in the game at £12. 5M. We ran a quick poll on Twitter yesterday asking fantasy managers if they’d have the Dutchman in their teams for GW1. Opinion was pretty much split down the middle, half of our followers saying Yes, the other saying No. Despite the price tag the Louis Van Gaal factor at Man United is sure to see Van Persie enter many people’s FPL teams – he’s selected in 25% of early teams and the 6th most popular player currently. 

Sergio Aguero £12M

We are massive fans of Aguero – we’re just not fans of his hamstrings! If he’d stayed fit last season he would have rivalled Luis Suarez as the most essential player in FPL, his Point Per Game (PPG) was second only to Suarez and would have given him a ~270 point season. However, he only played over 45 minutes on 18 occasions; he struggled with injury the season before too, and through the World Cup. In the build up to last season he was listed as injured throughout, and missed City’s pre-season matches. Despite this he was amongst the top scoring players after 5 weeks. If he looks fit for GW1 he’ll be in our team.

Daniel Sturridge £11.5M

The 2013/14 Sturridge would be worth this truly elite price tag but the big question will be how Liverpool adapt without Luis Suarez. With the Uruguayan’s talismanic ability on the pitch last season Liverpool could throw caution to the wind and attack, attack, attack. Without him, will Rodgers look for a bit more defensive balance, or will he want to go for it again, but this time without the force of nature that was Suarez? On the flip-side though, Suarez’s absence will of course mean more goal-action for Sturridge, and Lallana, Lambert and Sterling’s creative talents should be enough to provide the ammunition. He’ll be a contender for the golden boot for sure; he’s the bookies 3rd favourite at the moment behind RVP and Aguero.

Yaya Toure £11M & Eden Hazard £10M

Yaya is expensive. He divided much opinion last year priced at £8-10M. Can he repeat his form this time around? A lot of his upside and points potential is already built into his massive price, so even he does pip 200 points again you'll only be getting what you paid for. Remember that 6 of his 19 goals came from the penalty spot last season, and Aguero still remains the clubs nominated spot-kick taker. Hazard, by comparison, looks cheap. He's a much more attacking player than Toure, and with new additions Costa and Fabregas the Chelsa are bound to improve upon the 71 goals they scored last season, and Hazard has to be considered key to their attack. Note that Costa's price has yet to be revealed by FPL.

Alexi Sanchez £10.5M

Currently the most selected player in 38% of teams, and one around which their will be a huge amount of hype. He had a great record playing on the right wing at Barca last season (scoring 19G, 10A in 27 starts). He’s going to be an important player for sure and we’ll have a full analysis coming soon on the Chilean.

Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey - £9M

Last year’s significant change to the bonus system has had an effect on pricing of most elite midfielders who traditionally have been priced at £9.5M. Other than the big scorers last season (e.g. YYT) most now come in at £9M. There’s definitely potential in this Arsenal trio, particularly Theo Walcott once he’s back from injury and if he can stay fit. Ramsey’s Point per Game (PPG) last season of 6.7 is worth well more than £9M. Even Ozil showed great form up until his injury and the pace of the Premier League caught up with him. The whole Arsenal midfield is expensive, Cazorla is £8.5M too, and perhaps rightly so – they could be lethal in attack this season. How Alexis Sanchez fits in is obviously going to be key. One of the Arsenal midfielders is going to score BIG; the rest could prove to be expensive duds. 

Fabregas, Gerrard, Mata. Silva - £9M

These guys join the Arsenal trio in this new ‘£9M’ bracket for elite mids. Our first thoughts are this price is right, based on last year’s average (PPG) typical of this group of player, ~ 5.5PPG. One of these guys could be massive too. For example, if one of Fabregas or Mata are given a central role in the attack with set pieces thrown in. 

Eriksen - £8M

Christain Eriksen is perhaps the player with the kindest price we’ve seen amongst forwards or midfielders. His 5.7 PPG last season is ranke 6th behind YYT, Ramsey, Gerrard, Hazard and Silva 9ooh- Silva!), and ahead of similarly priced players this year, like Lallana (£8.5M), Sterling (£8M), Nasri (£8.5M), and Coutinho (£8M). The Dane may not dovetail to well with Pochettino’s defensive and high pressing philosophies but we’d reckon the Argentine coach is smart enough to recognise Eriksen’s qualities and accommodate him in the team.

More to come...!

With the release of the new price list there is so much to talk about so stick with us for lot's more over the nex few days and weeks as we answer your burning questions. We'll be taking a closer look at goalkeepers and defenders, the promoted clubs, and of course, players who may have flown undwer the radar and could be the big early season differentials.

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