Reaction: Man United

What do fantasy football managers need to know about Manchester United's shock loss to Swansea

First let's have a quick reminder about Gylfi Sigurdsson. This guy was born of the fantasy gods. Go buy.

To United then, and the opening day's big talking point. It's fair to say that they had the best of the game overall. 60% possession and 14 attempts on goal compared to Swansea's 5. Of those 14 attempts, United hit a decent 5 on target but their downfall was letting Swansea have a similar number, with 4 shots on target. As the dominant home side, United should be expected to have the majority of possession and create shooting opportunities, but they shouldn't allow the opposition in on their goal so easily (easier said than done of course).

There's obviously a lot of work to do in defence for United and perhaps Van Gaal needs to think about his 3-4-1-2 formation and whether he has the personnel across the whole team for it to work. However, in a revealing article in the Guardian today, Van Gaal admitted the squad was not at the 'top level', plus he's historically started poorly with new teams and is acceptant of that in order to get a team paying the way he wants.

This is bad news really for any fantasy player in this team. The great early fixtures should get them through the first few weeks but after that - unless the team can suddenly click  - it's hard to see their premium fantasy players being able to keep pace with same-priced alternatives. Is this a knee-jerk reaction? Sure, it's only one game. They have injuries and possibly new signings to come. So let's wait and see. But you can't mess about for long with your fantasy team, especaily your premium midfielders and forwards. We're happy with Rooney at the moment in our team (see below) but have asked Phil Jones to go and sit on the 'naughy step'.

The good news for fantasy managers at the moment is Wayne Rooney. Looking at the player stats (below) we can see going forward for United it was all about their new captain. The 'Threat' bar in the table is a simple aggregate of the player's shooting and passing stats combined with FPL point scoring. It's raw potential, and Rooney dominates. It does not look good for Juan Mata at this point though with just the 1 shot on goal, and this outside the box. This is actually the profile we were expecting from Mata and why he was never close to our GW1 team - he's too far down the pecking order for the goals at United behind two dominant centre forwards. It's all early doors of course, and as mentioned already, fixtures up to GW6 at least will give United chance to bounce back. Watch this space.

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