Ultimate Fantasy Premier League

Our first look at the end-of-season Ultimate FPL beta; 25-man squad, no transfers, new point scoring!

Last week an end of season Beta for Ultimate Fantasy Premier League was announced. We tweeted about it at the time as there were only 10,000 places up for grabs. We presume these are filled now as the game is open and the first gameweek deadline will be this coming Saturday.

Ultimate FPL features a familiar looking interface to our beloved FPL and with the same prices for players but with these exciting differences:

  • Pick a 25 man squad with a £160m budget (same prices as FPL)
  • No transfers after the first few weeks
  • Choose to replace low scoring players with one of your 7 subs during the live gameweek.
  • Change your captain too!
  • Can make short term loans for players (for a points hit)
  • Have to include 10 U21 or homegrown players

The live changes to your team will need you to be a bit more hands-on but it’s going to cause some great moments of drama! Imagine your first choice captain has just an assist – do you swap the armband to the other guy? The whole 25 man squad approach without regular transfers will also test manager’s ability to spread their transfer budget well. With the Beta only set to last 12 gameweeks we’re not sure if we’ll get a proper feel of how important good squad depth will be across a full season..

There’s also an interesting change to the way points are scored. Firstly, all goals will be worth 6 points regardless of position,though clean sheets remain at 4 points. There are no Bonus Points. Instead, the same in-match data that is used in the current Bonus Point System will score player's extra points directly. Making 3 crosses or key passes will earn a point. Blocks, interceptions, recoveries and tackles will all contribute to point-scoring. The underlying stats will be much more important.

We’re in! We’ve started messing about with a team and have even set up a minileague. The code is 2143-505 and we’d love for you to join us if you were lucky enough to get signed-up in time. The game certainly looks to have a lot of the extra depth to it that many fantasy managers will enjoy. We hope to have more details later in the week including a look at some estmated player scores from the season so far and on our starting team - it’s just like GW1 all over again!.

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