What Are The Hallmarks of a Fantasy Football Legend?

Every year just a handful of the 600 or so available players in Fantasy Premier League make it past the fabled 200 point mark. In this post we take a look at achievers from the past 3 seasons to see what makes them tick.

Having  a few 200+ point players in your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team is a sure fire to way to make a mark in your minileague. With captain points included, even just a couple of the true elite performers could net you around 700 points - over a quarter of your total points for the season! These are truly important players.

The table below shows the key stats for the 13 players from the last three seasons that have hit or exceeded 200 points in Fantasy Premier League. Further on we’ll take a closer look at the hallmarks of the game’s genuine star players.

Elite Forward Stats

Player Season Lge position App Mins Goals Assists Bonus Points Shots KP Pens?
Suarez 13/14 2nd 33 2963 31 25 40 295 5.5 2.6 N
Van Persie 12/13 1st 35 3123 26 15 49 262 3.7 1.8 Y
Suarez 12/13 7th 33 2953 23 10 34 212 5.7 2.7 N
Van Persie 11/12 3rd 37 3331 30 13 45 269 4.6 2.4 Y
Rooney 11/12 2nd 31 2830 27 8 37 230 4.6 1.5 y
Aguero 11/12 1st 29 2576 23 9 30 211 3.8 1.7 Y

Elite Forward Profile

6 forwards have passed the 200 point mark in the last 3 seasons. On average they’ve scored 246 points a season, with Luis Suarez’s 295 points last year topping the lot. Our average elite forward will hit 26-27 goals in approx. 33 games – an impressive rate of almost 0.80 goals per game. All bar Suarez can point to penalty duties help this tally along. They’ll also chip in with about 13 assists. Again, Suarez takes the biscuit, with a way out total of 25 assists (he was a bit special, wasn't he). On average the elite forward will achieve a points per 90 minutes (P90) of 7.5. Gametime is crucial of course but it’s important to note that missing 4-5 game is not the end of the world. Elite forwards like to shoot! They average around 4 shots per game and will create about 2 chances per game for teammates (key pass).

Elite Midfielder Stats

Player Season Lge position App Mins Goals Assists Bonus Points Shots KP Pens?
Yaya Toure 13/14 1st 32 2917 20 9 34 241 1.8 1.1 Y
Gerrard 13/14 2nd 32 2895 13 15 30 205 1.8 2 Y
Hazard 13/14 3rd 32 2890 14 10 23 202 2.1 2.6 Y
Bale 12/13 5th 32 2921 21 9 50 249 5 2.3 Y
Mata 12/13 3rd 30 2729 11 18 27 212 2 2.7 N
Cazorla 12/13 4th 37 3301 12 13 19 205 3 2.5 N
Dempsey 11/12 9th 37 3324 17 7 22 209 3.9 1.5 N

Elite Midfielder Profile

Midfielders have gone one better than forwards since 2011/12, with 7 players exceeding the 200 point mark, anddid particularly well last season. However, their overall average is lower at 217 points a season with a P90 of 6.5. Their average goals tally as would be expected is lower too. at 15-16 goals per season, but with 5 pointst per goal in FPL comparedr forward's 4 this is equivalent to a striker hitting the 20 goal mark. These midfielders have averaged 11-12 assist per season from around 2 key passes per game. Their shooting stats averagie at 2 shots per game, although they are a little more varied than with the forwards - Dempsey and Bale both boast shots stats that a centre forward would be proud of.

Extra Insights

  • Title Challengers - The majority of these players featured for top 4 teams and almost half (and almost all the forwards - play for the genuine title contenders (finishing 1st or 2nd)

  • Goal Heavy – these players have a goal to assist ratio of around 2:1, with a similar ratio of shots to key passes. Assists alone won’t cut it. Only Mata bucks this trend.

  • There's some consistency amongst the forwards from year to year. The midfielders are more likely to come as a surprise, and to come from a team outside the top 2.


At the start of the season fantasy managers should be able to easily field two of the potential elite midfielders and two potential elite forwards into their team. You should think long and hard over choosing these players. Ask youreslf can they realistically hit the kind numbesr we've talked about above?

Squeeze any value you can out your team elsewhere (with budget picks or rotation strategies for example) and make good use of your free transfers to get the truly elite players into your squad – they’ll score you the bulk of your points.

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