Nailed On #2 - Sigurdsson

The next player to earn himself 'Nailed On' status in the insideFPL GW1 team is Swansea's £6M midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson - what's not to love about the Icelandic star?

Yesterday we plonked Wayne Rooney down as the first 'nailed on' pick in the insideFPL team. Rooney is one of most expensive and popular players in the game at the moment and is sure to be leading many people's teams. Our next pick is £6M midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Whenever we do a draft of our team - and these are numerous :) - Siggy makes the cut. We've already looked at his profile compared to other same-priced midfielders in this post. He's owned currently by only 6.7% of fantasy managers worldwide so could be considered something of a differential. This 6.7% though are likely to be some of the main rivals in your minileague and the one's who know all about Siggy's history and potential in Fantasy Premier League. Let's look at that:

  • Has scored 27 goals in 70 starts over his career in Germany with Hoffenheim and in England with Swansea and Spurs.
  • Average 2 shots per game in this time and 1 key pass
  • Achieved a P90 of 6.1 in his first half-season at Swansea in 2011/12
  • This is on a par with Silva & Ozil last season
  • P90 of 5.3 over last two seasons with Spurs
  • This would be close to Giroud's P90 last year who finished with the 3rd highest total points - among Forwards
  • Will be involved with set pieces at Swansea
  • His £6M price tag was based on a reduced role at Spurs

There are some murmurings of doubts around fantasy football forums that Siggy might play out wide on the right in a 4-4-2 to allow Gomis and Bony to partner up front. And this may well happen, at times... Swans' boss Gary Monk spooked FPL managers by saying:

"No. 10 is probably Gylfi's strongest position, but a footballer nowadays should be able to play anywhere,"

Our view is that is doesn't matter if Siggy get shunted out wide on occasion. He's not a chalk-on-the-boots winger, so even if he starts games as a right midfielder, he'll still drift inside and central to get into decent shooting positions. More importantly though, his best position is No.10 and this is where he'll feature more often than not.

We have to admit that Jordan Henderson is making a late case for inclusion as a possible breakout midfielder at £6M but if he does make our team it'll be alongside Siggy, rather than instead of him. 

We'll continue to look at the 5 nailed-on picks in our team through the week in the build up to GW1. We'll be sharing our full team as usual in our free weekly newsletter on Friday. If you're not already subscriber you'll find sign-up boxes at the top of the page or below this post. Come join :)

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