GW30 Market Movers

This week's early transfer are all aboard the City bandwagon. Don't miss the train!

This week’s Market Movers is all aboard the City Bandwagon ahead of their three double gameweek potential between now and the end of the season. Their run of 12 fixtures in 9 gameweeks starts out with an away trip to Hull before a double in GW31 against United (away) and Fulham (home). Repeat Fulham (home).

Sergio Aguero is back to full fitness and given fantasy owners confidence he won’t collapse this time after completing 58 minutes and then 90 minutes in City’s last two cup fixtures. He is no doubt the key to City’s chances against Barcelona this week and is sure to play most of the game at the Nou Camp as the Citizens battle back from a 2-0 home leg defeat. This has not put off over 50,000 FPL managers though have picked him already this gameweek. Aguero has already seen a £0.1m price rise this week 9the only player to do so far). If you check our Price Changes page you’ll have notice he’s already about 50% of the way to his next price rise (as of 9am Tues). If you are keen on Aguero for your squad, and you should be, make sure to keep an eye on his progress using our Price Change page and don’t miss out, his price is set to rocket.

Team-mate Yaya Toure is the other key player in City’s attack to be picking up (even more) interest this week. We have to admit to favouring David Silva to the Ivorian through the majority of the season but have been left sorely wanting. We’ve finally switched our attention to Yaya now with his defensive requirements of his position in central midfield continually neglected by Pellegrini.

Another player back on the menu is Lukaku. He hit a bad spell of form prior to his injury back in GW24 and we wouldn’t be surprised if the two were linked, the demands of his play style catching up with the youngster in his first full season as a regular starter. He’s back now though, “fresh, ready and irreplaceable” according to Toffee boss Martinez, and just in time for a very favourable run of fixtures for Everton which will include two doubles gameweeks for FPL managers. Whilst many will aim for a front three of Suarez, Aguero and Sturridge (the SAS) at £8.2m Lukaku is the affordable alternative.

Adebayor is this week’s scapegoat and the most popular sale with over 50,000 transfers out already this week. He’s dropped £0.1m already and is likely to drop another £0.1m before GW30. In truth, Adebayor’s goals have masked some real problems at Tottenham which Chelsea exposed ruthlessly at the weekend. We signed Adebayor ourselves just a couple of weeks ago with our eyes really on another bandwagon player rolling away from us and as a captain punt on him for the Cardiff game. But his time has passed and will be selling him ourselves this week for Aguero.

More fallout from hot tickets for Aguero and YYT see sales of two United players in Mata and Rooney. Juan Mata had okay start to fantasy life with 3 assists in his first 3 games coupled with very decent bonus point potential and you always thought if he could grab a goal along the way he could be an option. However, three blanks since does not look good and a closer look at his shooting stats reveal he’s only really had a few pot shots from distance.He's averaged 0.1 expected goals a game since joining and does not look a goal threat in the United team. Couple this with his non-involvement with set pieces, which were a big source of points at Chelsea last season, and we were ever that keen. With decent fixtures to come and United improving we would not make Mata a priority sell but at £9.6m he’s an obvious fund of transfer cash for someone like YYT.

Much of the same could be said about Rooney in view of Aguero’s appeal, except Rooney is in form, is scoring goals and points, and we’d fully expect this to continue. In our article last week ‘How Reliable is Form?” we saw that it was very reliable for elite priced players (>£11m). We expect Rooney will continue to score points this season, he has a DGW to come, and the Liverpool game this week could be a great time for owners to keep the faith and captain him over one of Suarez or Sturridge (a risky move and likely to send you into a Walt-like meltdown on Saturday afternoon). Overall we'd rate Aguero over Rooney but would not be too downbeat if, without a £1m to upgrade, we had to settle for Rooney

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