GW26 Market Movers: Who's Hot? Who's Not?

Our weekly look at the most transferred players in and out of fantasy teams

Eden Hazard was obviously a seriously highly rated fantasy midfielder already but there were some doubts around that his price had perhaps eclipsed what he was actually worth and that there were other players in the elite bracket that could yet prove a point. Hazard’s hat-trick against Newcastle has no doubt quashed many of those thoughts and makes the Belgian the most highly sought after player in Fantasy Premier League this week.

Would we say that he is worth his current £10.7m asking price? Well, luckily we don’t have to actually make that decision as he’s been in our squad since GW1, however, objectively; we think the answer is yes. In previous analysis we’ve pointed to an overall team requirement of 0.66 Points per Million (PPM) if you want to get close to winning your minileague. That is, every £1m you spend on a player you’re looking for a return of 0.66 points (e.g. you’d do well with 4 points per game (PPG) from a £6m player).

At low prices it’s relatively easy to find a player worth his price tag and a lot of transfer success comes from finding a real cheapie who can not just prove their value but mix it with players £1-2m above their actual price. When it comes to the more expensive player though it becomes increasingly difficult to find a player worth a spot in your team, they really have to perform to be worth the premium. At the very top end of the market the option to captain players does cloud the issue a little but following the same 0.66 PPM principle you’d be looking for 6 PPG from a £9m player and 7 PPG from a near £11M player like Hazard. And that is exactly the form he’s displaying this season with a P90 (points per 90) of 6.96 so far and no other midfielder really looks like getting close to that this season,

Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling is another player on the most wanted list this week. His P90 for the season is a little over 5.0 which following the above Price per Million logic would make him closer to a £7.5M player than a £5.4m one. The doubts over Sterling earlier in the season were due to his gametime after only fleeting appearances early season and a similar story last year. We overlooked him for this very reason in our own WC team, expecting his place in Liverpool’s front three was on borrowed time only with Daniel Sturridge set to return. That didn’t happen though, and then an injury to Lucas promoted Sterling’s chances further. However, you would not argue that he’s in the Liverpool on merit based on his current form.

Moving on to our third hottest transfer this week in Daniel Sturridge, the current form player in a dazzling Liverpool attacking side playing Fulham this weekend. Not only is Sturridge outdoing his Liverpool team-mates, he’s outperforming the rest of the league too and is second only to Adam Johnson in our Top Form charts. It’s no surprise to see him on the transfer hot list this week and in an analysis we did last week was in fact the most transferred player over the last 6GW..

On the way out this week is last week’s hottest transfer Adam Johnson. We covered him in last week’s Market Movers advising against a move despite the tempting Hull fixture just gone. Essentially, with City and Arsenal to follow for Sunderland and a blank fixture in store over GW28 a move for Johnson last week would have been a very short term one indeed.

Two others on the way out of fantasy teams this week are Arsenal duo Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil. The simplest explanation for both these sales would be as straight swaps for the aforementioned Sturridge and Hazard. However, the Gunners pair have both been in poor form for the last several weeks and as Arsenal’s season sets to get tested to the limit over the next month or so they both are both viable players to be selling.

Finally, you can of course check our Price Change pages for the latest transfer numbers on any player.

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