All About The Pre-Season Guide

Find out more about our Pre-Season Guide for Fantasy Premier League 2014/15. What it is, what's inside, and why we made it.

In this post we want to talk a little bit our Pre-Season Guide, what it is, what’s in it, and why we decided to put it together over the summer. 

First, what is it? 

Imagine a small team of dedicated and experienced fantasy football fans (us!) had a vision to put all the information together they could on each team and all the players in the Premier League. Imagine they scoured all the news stories, gathered all the stats, and crunched the important numbers, and then presented it all in a concise and informative way. Imagine they studied previous winning teams to discover the cornerstones of fantasy success. Then imagine they got a leading web developed to give it a massive lick of the internet’s best paint.

This is what it is. But what exactly is inside? 

There are three main sections; Teams, Analysis, and Squad Structure.


  • We’ve gone over the attacking and defensive performances of each team from last season, with a particularly close look at underlying shot creation numbers and form through different stages of last season. The purpose? To reveal the true potential of each team. 
  • For each team we’ve also highlighted the key players and rated them relevant to the type of fantasy role they fill and what you should expect of them in your team (‘player types’ – see more below). This is backed up with key players stats for all members of the squad.
  • You can see an example of the stats including our special 'Threat' metric in our post 'The Best £6M Midfielders'.


  • We’ve looked at last season’s winning team on a week by week, transfer by transfer basis, and provide all the facts and figures behind his success. How many points did he score each week in defence vs midfield? How important were captain points?
  • We’ve also looked at player value and points totals to aim for from each million of your budget, the background stats of new managers to the league, how a FPL team could have got you a top 2000 finish last season without having to make any transfers, plus Transfer Strategies for the season.

Squad Structure

  • Using all the evidence we’ve gleamed from our research we’ve determined a simple Squad Structure for you to follow for your team. We’ve introduced specific ‘player types’ for a FPL team that are historically required if want a successful season (e.g. Elite, Value, Breakout, Solid).
  • For each type of player we give you the profile to look out for this season. We have categorised each team's key players to align with this Squad Structure and make it simple for you to evaluate and compare different players in your team.

So that’s that - in a nutshell. There’s at least 15,000 words to read – but at the same time we’ve kept the important stuff simple and easy to access. The whole thing should keep good as reference guide through the season too. You could even print it out and put in on your coffee table to impress your neighbours! 

As a final word we’d like to say that the Guide is definitely not some cheap tat or piece of crap. In every aspect we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit to make it as good as we possibly can. This is also in no way a plea for you to buy it, no way; you make your own decisions of course. But we did want to take the time to give you a better idea of what’s inside and where we’re coming from.

If you want to take a closer look you can check out more here including some preview screenshots.

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