GW29 Market Movers

Where are FPL manager's transfers heading this week?

We’re very surprised to see Wayne Rooney sitting atop the most transferred in players list this week. Some way off his numbers but second in the list nonetheless is Manchester United team mate Patrice Evra. Indeed, Robin Van Persie is amongst the top 10 early transfers this week.

The obvious appeal of the United players is that, along with Chelsea, they are one of the only “Big Teams” to have a fixture in place for the forthcoming half-gameweek. Additionally, United will shortly have a double gameweek in GW31.

The bad news though is United are no longer the free-scoring team that amassed 80+ goals in each of the last two seasons, which is why we put Big Teams in "inverted commas" there.. In fact, they are nowhere near, averaging a decidedly average 1.6 goals per game and heading for around 60 for the season. Their fixture in GW29 is away at West Brom, not an easy one either. They then play Liverpool (home) in GW30 before the double of City (home) and West Ham (away) in GW31. Not a run to get particular excited about, in either attack or defence.

To be fair, Rooney and Evra’s transfers in are low compared to the numbers we normally see by this time of the week. FPL managers aren’t exactly falling over themselves to get on board. In a pure vacuum, where free transfers grow on trees and team value doesn't exist, grabbing a United player for your squad this week would make sense, but not in the grander scheme of things. Rooney, in particular, strikes us as odd. He’s not cheap, £11.1m, and affording this you’d typically expect the cash to come from the sale of another premium forward. Are people really selling Suarez or Sturridge to buy Wayne?

Signing Charlie Adam makes more sense. We are not that enamoured with him, or with Stoke to be honest, just because they don't score too many goals, but at least he’s cheap and has got a bit of potential. In fact, with only ten teams in action this weekend inspiring transfer targets are looking very slim on the ground so Adam is not a bad shout. UPDATE: Adam has now been charged with violent misconduct and a possible 3-match ban pending appeal.

Last week we looked at some potential targets for GW28-30 which included Robert Snodgrass and Jason Puncheon. Both picks panned badly. Snodgrass picked up a yellow card and an injury and end up on nil point. Puncheon scored the same, he didn’t make even make the bench for Palace, possibly left out after being charged by the FA for comments made on Twitter. We’d still back both these players over Adam but in light of this perhaps the pair’s respective alternatives in Hoolahan and Ince would make better plays now.

Oliver “YoYo” Giroud is the number one sell this week, as he was in both GW26 & 27 before bouncing back to top the transfers in list just last week. Oh, how fickle the fantasy manager can be. We disagreed with people buying him last week so can only agree with the sales this week. As we mentioned then, with a blank and then fixtures with Spurs, Chelsea and City Everton. Another Gunner is following Giroud out of people’s teams. Per Mertesacker, as one of the most defenders in the game now, makes an obvious point of sale given Arsenal’s current fortunes. Aside from the aforementioned Evra, the popular transfers look to be to Fonte or one of the Chelsea back line. All sound moves.

Finally this week, we see more yoyo action with 2014’s hottest player making his way out of almost 20,000 FPL teams so far this week. We signed up Daniel Sturridge for our own team not long ago, knowing full well that he’d miss GW29. Admittedly, he blanked at St.Mary’s, and was contained well by Southampton, managing just a single shot all game, but with Liverpool set for one of the best-looking doubles against Cardiff and Sunderland in GW31 we can only assume those managers selling Sturridge this week will be buying him right back in a couple weeks.

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